Here Are The 2018 Makeup Trends

Eyeliner will be used

Eyeliner will be used more exaggerated, skin will shine, matte red lipsticks will replace the bright shades. Here are the curiosities about 2018 makeup trends eyeliner : 

The world of beauty is moving towards two opposite poles. In addition to an understanding of natural looking, radiant and minimal-make-up skin, it also adds an experimental interpretation to the beauty with intense glitter and broadening the boundaries of creativity with pop colors. Discover the beauty trends of 2018-19 Fall / Winter.


  • Be Brave In The Use Of Eyeliner!

Give up the look of a slender, flawless eyeliner. This year is thicker, more geometric shapes fashion. With your soft eye pencil you have to create wonders. Be a little creative. For example, combine the eyeliner with your eyelid. One of the most talked-about top models of last day Bella Hadid can be inspired by the makeup of. The blonde women must be inspired by Gigi Hadid. Hadid brothers, in this sense, today’s trendsetters.

  • Silvery Eye Lights Are Very Popular In This Season

Matte tones are replaced by bright, luminous, vivid tones. The eyes are brilliant. Get a shiny eye shadow to match your eye color. Only eye makeup, should not be in front of the lips. If you prefer a lipstick in metallic shades, your eye makeup shouldn’t get any more attention. Although this is an “exaggeration” season this year, you should still pay attention to get balance and harmony.

  • Blue Color Can Be A Passion On Eye Makeup

Another trend in eye makeup is the blue headlamps and eye pencils. We even saw black players in Hollywood. So do not think that your skin color, hair color, even your eye color will be incompatible with your make-up, you will definitely find a blue headlight or eyeliner to suit you.

  • We Say Goodbye To Matt Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks, which have been going on for the last few years, have been replaced by bright shades this year. Red lipsticks will even be bright. We will witness the return of make-up trends especially in the 80s and 90s. For the 2018 makeup trends, it is enough to look at the stars of the 80s and 90s. Those who do not like bright lipsticks may use matt shades providing that be brave.

  • There Must Be A Bronze Reflection On The Cheeks

Neither the orange nor the pink … This year is the end of the cheeks like Heidi. Try the bronze blush. Copious hues will provide a light bronze look. There are different varieties of bronze blush. Try to catch a ton that matches your skin tone and your overall makeup.

  • Get A Wet, Natural And Smooth Skin

We have seen in the fashion shows of 2018 collections that most of the models resemble porcelain dolls. The choice of makeup experts this year is wet and natural skin. It is enough for you to do a natural makeup. Wet and natural appearance can be obtained with a moisturizing cream or gel creams.

  • Use The Highlighter In The Correct Area Sufficiently

First, obtain a highlighter (illuminator) in shades of gold. Apply to your cheekbones, eyelids and eyebrows. You can sample Rihanna on this. The main use of illuminators is the cheekbones. If you do not want your face to shine, you can only apply to a single area. The right place is also cheekbones ”But a little too” twinkle in the night makeup will not be exaggerated.  Be relax.

*Use Artsy Colors

The colorful headlights we see frequently in the nineties are back. Especially if you have a clear and light-colored skin, you can start trying these colors to color the winter we approach.

  • Framed Eyes

The intense eyeliner, applied by everyone on a make-up period is one of those who come back next season. In the winter of 2018-19 all attention is on framed eyes.

  • Tone-on-tone

The tone-on-tone of make-up that is one of the hits of the past season is spread all over your view in the coming season. Just as you can catch this style by playing with your headlight color, you can  you can catch this style by matching your hair/eye/skin  color with your make-up combination.

Here Are The 2018 Makeup Trends