You can show your leg length longer by paying attention to the details in your clothes and accessories in your style.

Thanks to an appropriate style of clothing, you can show your legs longer than it is. If you want your legs to look long and slender like every woman, listen to our suggestions! With this article we explain the ways to show the length of your leg excellent!

Please note that all importance and beauty are hidden in the details.


  • Short Dresses

If you want to show your legs thin and long, you can take advantage of short dresses. Short dresses compared to midi and long dresses show your legs thinner and longer. Do not skip wearing short dresses with opaque socks while the weather is getting cold.

  • High Heels

Every woman knows that heels  show you  longer than you’re. . When you walk on high heels, your leg muscles work more and your legs look smoother and better. In addition, high-heeled shoes close to your skin tone make you look longer because it does not indicate where your leg is. If you want your legs to look longer, you should stay away from flat shoes, ballet shoes and ankle shoes. Preferring the same/close color of shoes with your skin color or opaque sock creates a whole with your legs so this shows your legs longer.

  • Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirts, wrapping your body and make you look more slim and sexy. Wear the blouse or shirt that you wear on your skirt. So your hips would look a higher, your legs look thinner and longer than they are. Also apply body oil to the front and back of your legs. This will make your legs look longer and slimmer.

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  • High Waist Trousers

High waist trousers, pencil skirt makes your legs look smooth and long. When you cannot wear high-heeled shoes, you should prefer high waist, pants or shorts. Wide-leg trousers will also show you longer. High waist outfits and dressing up the same color all over, also shows the legs long. It not only shows the legs longer, but also helps you to show you thinner than you are. If you put your shirt under your pants instead of releasing it over your pants, you will look much longer.

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  • Long And Perpendicular Lines

The steep lines are quite effective in showing the legs long. These lines, which cause the illusion of the eye, show you both longer and thinner.


  • Shorts

Mini shorts are very often preferred in summer, making you comfortable and show your legs long. Especially the short shorts you wear on your bronze skin will show your legs long and sexy. If you are white-skinned, you can use bronzes before wearing shorts.

  • Spanish & Wide Leg Trousers

While fashion is constantly repeating itself, it will not be a wrong choice if you show up with nostalgic Spanish trousers. Women’s long trousers show that the trousers are more bulky and the heels are less visible than other trousers. For this reason, women who want to look long must put together a pair of Spanish trousers and high-heeled shoes at the same time.



  • Leave Your Neck And Wrist Naked

You can show yourself longer by the help of a part of the skin in your body. How Does? V-neck t-shirts and narrow trousers that you fold a few cm more would appearing your skin and that will help you look longer. That’s why you have to run away crew neckline t-shirts and choose the outfits where you can show your body’s transition parts to look charming.

  • One Colour Formula:

You may love to use mixed colors and patterns, but this is a fact that is accepted by everyone; patterned outfits always show shorter than plain color. So if you want to show your height long you should choose one-color plain clothes. It will show you even more attractive and fit if you choose even the same pieces of the same color  from bottom to top or one piece plain dress.


  • Platform Shoes:

The height in front of the shoes we call the platform is really a miracle. The height of the heel lengthens your height and makes your feet comfortable.

  • Long Earrings, Long Necklaces:

It is possible to look longer with accessories, not just clothing. All you have to do is choose long ones instead of accessories that stick to your throat or ear. For example, a necklace that stretches to your waist or long earrings passing through your ear is exactly what we are looking for!

  • The Combination Of Long And Short:

My favorite tip is that it works really well and really incredible: long and short combine. So how is it? For example, wear a mini skirt and wear a long trench coat or cardigan over it. Or, now, it’s like choosing a mini skirt and dresses that are short in front and long at the back…. Or a deep, deep slash… The contrast between maxi and mini skirts will be reflected in your leg height and it’d help to look your leg length much longer!