Trendy Pixie Cuts for Stylish Women

Trendy Pixie Cuts for Stylish Women
A pixie cut is the best way to show off the beauty of your face, it is daring but at the same time cool and chic. Pixie cuts can be suitable for any woman, all you should do is having a haircut that suits your hair type and face shape.
1. Short Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle
Long asymmetrical pixie cut with gray hair color and ashy shade is a good idea for women with light to medium skin tone.

2. Long Pixie Hair Cut

3. Short Hair Pixie Cut

4. Grey Pixie Cut Hair
Silver gray hair color and bangs would make any haircut look much more stylish and cool when it is a pixie cut you can rock a cool style.

5. Dark Brown Pixie Hairstyle

6. Super Short Pixie

7. Dark Brown Hair

8. Natural Grey Pixie

9. Linda Evans

10. Short Asymmetrical Undercut Hair

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